Glass Stain

posted Mar 3, 2010, 6:08 PM by Judah Clark   [ updated Apr 6, 2016, 9:13 AM ]
The glass stain is a problem that effects just about every commercial office building in the world. Window glass is so clean and clear when its new but it doesn't take long when exposed to the elements to get the mysterious glass stains. Where does the glass stain come from? How do you remove the glass stain? How do you prevent the glass stain from returning? 

Below are 12 different pictures of glass stains from commercial office buildings around the country.

Fortunately, you have come to the right place. Presto Restoration Products has dedicated the past decade into learning why glass stains form, how to remove glass stains without damaging the surface of the glass and preventing the glass stains through eliminating every cause that we have found to develop glass stains on commercial office buildings.

Where does the glass stain come from?

  • Buildup of surfactants (soap scum) and oils from sticky window cleaning detergents that attract dust and dirt

  • Use of high mineral content tap water during window cleaning

  • Water errosion carries minerals from adjacent concrete or precast surfaces
  • Contact with high mineral content water through sprinkler systems

  • Overspray from careless waterproofing and painting projects

  • Leaching of deteriorating caulking or coatings

  • Leaching of contaminates from adjacent rusting metals

  • Leaching of failed UV-sensitive, water-repellant performance

  • Atmospheric pollutants including acid rain, dust or other man-made environmental pollution

How do you remove the glass stain?

By Using High Performance Glass Restoration Products such as the following two products by Presto Restoration Products

Glass ReSurfacer® Final Polish: Effectively removes stage 1 and 2 corrosion, surface scratches, oxidation, erosion channels, mineral deposits, calcium stains, lime stains, efflorescence, soap scum, acidic graffiti, oils, everyday grime and buildup, etching, acid burns, acid rain and other flaws from architectural glass surfaces; designed for use with a motorized polisher, random orbital sander or white, synthetic, non-abrasive pad to produce a scratch-free and highly reflective finish on a wide variety of glass surfaces

EnviRestore® Glass Stain Remover: A restorative cream that removes stubborn stains from glass surfaces without the use of machinery; effectively removes stage 1 corrosion and many stains caused by soap scum, stone sealer overspray, caulking residue, mineral deposits, calcium stains, lime deposits, lime run, lime scale, oils, grease, oxidization, exhaust stains, GFRC leaching and more

How do you prevent the glass stain from returning?

By using a high performance glass protective treatment

The Glass Defender Series is a combination of products designed for the protection of architectural glass surfaces. The polymers in the Glass Defender Series are high performance hybrid silicone materials. These materials are partially inorganic, and will not easily break down due to UV degredation. Typical glass protective treatments, on the other hand, consist of organic polymers that quickly break down when exposed to UV degredation. 

Glass Defender® HD: High-performance, invisible coating that protects glass from damaging elements and prevents scratching for up to 20 years

Glass Defender® MD: High-performance, invisible coating that protects glass from damaging elements and prevents scratching for up to 10 years

Glass Defender® Primer: Increases performance life of Glass Defender MD up to 10 years and Glass Defender HD up to 20 years