Glass Restoration Products

High Performance Glass Restoration Products

Presto's Glass Restoration Products are the highest performing glass restoration and protection products on the market. Created with over a decade of research and development no other products can even come close the the benefits of the Glass ReSurfacer product line in performance, sustainability and most importantly cost.


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Glass Restoration Products With No Optical Distortion

The Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish leaves no optical distortion of any kind when used properly. You don't have to worry about burning the glass with acids, scratch the glass with harsh abrasives which is common with just about every other glass restoration product in the industry.

Environmentally Friendly Glass Restoration Products

The Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish is a completely environmentally friendly glass restoration product that is made from natural elements found in the earth. These materials won't harm plants, animals, humans, adjacent surfaces, or aquatic life. What more could you ask for?

Non Acidic Glass Restoration Products

The most commonly used glass restoration products contain either hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid and should only be used when absolutely necessary. 98% of the time acids are not needed to restore glass yet it seems like 98% of the time they are selected.

Glass Restoration Products that Won't Damage Glass

We have seen thousand of windows damaged by harsh abrasives which cause minor scratches in the glass that when viewed in direct sunlight makes the window look like stainless steel. Also, acids burn the glass causing a foggy mutli-colored haze on the window and this actually happens quite often. Fortunately the Glass ReSurfacer Final Polish removes both of these types of damage from window glass surfaces easily and reveals a new glass finish that many people say is better than new.

The Highest Performing Glass Restoration Products in the World

"Glass Restoration Products"